Meet IQ

InteProIQ is the information security training adviser providing proactive best-practices training, responsive event strategies, and industry expertise resources.

Our goal is to provide the tools that will assist you throughout your information security journey.
Our mission is to provide tools that are easy to use and respectful of your time and environment.

The InteProIQ Information Security Training was developed as an aid for InteProIQ customers intent on being proactive against the tide of data breach events and information security incidents. InteProIQ used a wide range of resources to define, shape and direct its training courses. These resources include the enforcement actions and directives of the Federal Communications Commission, Federal Trade Commission, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Homeland Security and the National Institute of Standards and Technology; the underlying legislative authority for those agencies plus Executive Orders concerning cyber security guidance for businesses were also used as resources. In addition, a patchwork of State and Provincial laws dealing with data protection was reviewed to create a comprehensive suite of employee training courses. Every Federal mandate, cyber commentator and authoritative resource guide available recommends mandatory employee training. The InteProIQ offering was designed to make this business imperative easy to implement, at a cost effective price point, and with a view towards integrating the training into the daily operations of busy small and medium-sized businesses. For companies to be successful, they must demonstrate trust and confidence to their business partners regarding strong policies and practices for secure information handling.