Member Information: protected or vulnerable?

Private clubs maintain a treasure trove of sensitive information about their members. Just the kind of information identity thieves are looking for. Exposing sensitive member information to a breach is an unacceptable risk for any club. Not only will a breach affect a club’s reputation, but has the potential to affect membership loyalty. Establishing a positive and cost effective information security program creates an environment that is not only compliant and defensible but assures members that the club regards their privacy as the highest priority.

—InfoSec 101: the movie!

Manage the risk with the InteProIQ Information Security Awareness Training.

Protecting member information is a serious matter. InteProIQ’s Private Clubs 360 security training program beefs up your club’s data security by training your employees to be good stewards of your members’ sensitive information. Slam the door on cyber thieves with InteProIQ!    – Bill Boothe

InteProIQ understands the importance of protecting the security, confidentiality and integrity of your club’s critical information. The InteProIQ information security training program provides the 5 critical elements of security and compliance: verifiable training, risk assessments, club policies, program administration and compliance assurance. Because employee error is the major cause of information breaches, having an affordable solution that meets compliance standards places the club in a much more secure and defensible position.